Adventures in Hawaii

This past month I had the opportunity to visit my good friends who live on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kona Kailua area to be exact. Having been to Hawaii over a decade ago, I'd almost forgotten how perfect the climate and vibe of this paradise really is. 

I've always had a similar magical feeling about Southern California along Highway 1, which to me is also peace and paradise all wrapped up into a perfect package, but Hawaii beats it and is now my ultimate vacation get away whenever possible. From the 85 degree perfect temperature, fish filled snorkeling along the coastline, to the lush jungles, and did I mention, NO SNAKES...It's tough to find anywhere that really sits on par with this eco system. :)

I brought as many cameras as I could fit into my carry on, and decided I would grab stock footage, as well as make a short film while there on my 5 day adventure. There's no light pollution in Hawaii, so the stars look out of this world. Camping on the beach, sleeping in a hammock and looking at the stars through the Kiawe tree branches, while the waves crashed on the shore all night seemed like something out of a movie.

Being a videographer has sent me halfway around the world, filming bands recording in England, documentary work in New Zealand, weddings in South America, Filmmaking in Asia, as well as work in many US cities. It's truly an adventurers lifestyle and I love it! There's an old saying that I fully embrace and live out each day..."Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life."

I'll leave you with this breathtaking sunset looking across the pacific ocean to Maui from the shores of the Big Island.  Mahalo friends!